Resources for Graduate Students

Health Care

The health plan information on this page may not be regularly updated. For any changes and for the most accurate information on the plans below and their converges, please refer to the to the corresponding websites.

CUPE 3903 Plan

Eligible: employees (TAs, GAs, contract faculty)

This is extensive health plan provided by York University through Sunlife Insurance as part of the CUPE3903 Collective Agreement.
New employees must enroll themselves to the system by filling the form below and submitting it to Pension & Benefits in the Department of Human Resources (Kinsmen Building, 8 Chimneystack Road) or emailing a scan of the signed document to

The benefits cycle renews every January. Employees are covered during any live contract and up to 5 months past the end of any contract.

YUGSA’s Plan

Eligible: all Graduate Students (part/full-time) and their dependents [not recommended for those covered by CUPE 3903’s Plan]

Mandatory: full-time students (those covered by CUPE3903 are automatically refunded; others with alternate coverage must opt-out)

Optional: part-time students and/or their dependents

Full-time graduate students who are not employed by York (see above), will be automatically enrolled into the health plan provided by York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA). Students who have alternative (equal or better) coverage for drugs and dental, have the option of opting out of this plan every September. Students are charged through their Student Accounts with York.
Students have the option of enrolling their dependents into the plan.
The benefits cycle renews every September.

For more information on benefits and claims refer to the YUGSA health plan webpage.

Financial Aid & Resources

Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS): Graduate Student Financial Profile
Single online application for consideration of bursaries, awards, and scholarships through the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA)
The YUGSA offers a variety of bursaries and funds. Online applications.

Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD)
SCLD funds individual students for workshops, seminar/conferences learning opportunities. Inquire in-person or by email.

Financial Aid & Resources

For official guidelines, policies, and regulations on thesis/dissertation defence and graduation requirements please refer to the Department of Biology’s Graduate website through the link below.